NJSCA School Counselor Evaluation Model

The New Jersey Department of Education has approved the NJSCA School Counselor Evaluation Model to appear on its list of approved evaluation models in the state.  The Department approves and supports the voluntary use of the counselor evaluation model developed by the NJSCA.  It is a model that has been thoughtfully constructed and recognizes the scope of work that counselors perform.

The School Counselor Evaluation Model will be discussed in detail at the NJSCA Fall Conference on Monday, October 14th

Link to the approved School Counselor Evaluation Model 

NJSCA Live Learning Center: View workshops from the Spring Conference concerning the New Jersey School Counselor Evaluation Model.  Explore these sessions to gain deeper insight into the trends shaping your industry.
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Other good resources:

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Evaluation Model Forms in MS Word Documents:

Evaluation Model Implementation: 
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